Digitalisation is the process of converting information into a digital format to im­prove busi­ness processes.


  • information exchange
  • new form of management
  • efficient collaboration


  • information flow in organisation
  • engineering
  • planning and allocation
  • reporting and KPI’s


  • data base
  • IT infrastructure
  • planning and allocation
  • robust implementation of knowledge

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We provide specialist engineering services for low-voltage equipment as well as designs of protections, controls and automation for high-voltage switchgears.

Systems Design HV

Our services include:

  • engineering in the field of secondary circuits; control, security, interlocking and signalling system for the distribution and substation high voltage    
  • designing complete solutions based on our knowledge and experience, and according to customer requirements
  • preparation of the complete manufacturing documentation based on advanced computer design software  

Systems Design LV

Our services include complete and professional design solutions for low-voltage:

  • distribution systems
  • switchgear
  • compensation systems
  • control systems 
  • complete distribution systems 

for the energy, industrial, technological lines and installations.  

We offer professional preparation of full documentation using our knowledge, experience and advanced computer software.

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We specialise in production and assembly of control and protection cabinets as well as SIVACON S8 switchgears.

Servitisation of manufacturing

We are determined to support your end-to-end journey with our products. Therefore, we offer full servitisation of manufacturing.


We define automation as an enhancement to creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and delivery of products and services.

We are a specialist engineering and manufacturing company offering a complete value chain from design, through implementation, up to after-sales services. 

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ETP Elektro Sp. z o.o is registered in the District Court for Opole, VIII Commercial Division, share capital: PLN 15.470.000

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