Years of practice in the power engineering industry, continuous development, ability to use state-of-the-art technologies and well equipped machinery stock allows us to manufacture high quality products.

We offer

Medium Voltage 24kV

Energy Distribution Sivacon S4 & S8

Excitation Systems

LCC Panels

Battery Capacitors

Inverter and Frequency Speed Drive Panels

RC Panels

IOS Panels

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Low Voltage solutions

We specialise in production and assembly of control and protection cabinets as well as SIVACON S8 switchgears, the new generation of switchgears for reliable and simple power distribution up to 7000 A. They are used in utility and industrial buildings, as well as in process industry. In addition to various functions of improved protection of personnel and system, new technological solutions used in the switchgear open completely new areas of application.

Many advantages, numerous features

  • Maximum system safety due to standard modules with type-testing. 
  • Maximum personnel safety thanks to lock system resistant to electric arc. 
  • High-quality industrial design perfectly matching modern room design. 
  • Installation areas helping to save space, from 400 x 500 mm. 
  • Variable, upper or back, position of main buses. 
  • Combination of different installation systems in one cell. 
  • Elastic customisation of kind of internal separation to different requirements. 
  • You can later change easily doors opening direction due to universal hinges. 
  • Ventilation system exhibiting high efficiency and advantageous maintenance. 
  • Connections of cables/busway from top, bottom or back SIVACON S8 6 SIVACON

Our product list includes, still is not limited to the following:

SIVACON 8PT low voltage power distribution boards for marine applications 
  • type-tested standard modules (TTA) 
  • 3- and 4-pole busbar system up to 7400 A 
  • modular structure of device compartments  
  • deep switchgear compartment for universal installation  
  • protection class IP30 to IP54 
  • adjusted to and certified for maritime applications and oil platforms  
  • design, assembly and full maintenance
SIVACON S8 low voltage power distribution boards
  • standard solution for construction and industry  
  • power distribution and motor control units  
  • busbar position changeable, top or bottom  
  • rated currents up to 6300 A 
  • universal applications and high security level thanks to withdrawable, plug-in and stationary leadouts and 3NJ6 in-line plugs 
  • design, assembly and full maintenance  
 Control cabinets and protection cabinets for high voltage power distribution boards
  • complete secondary circuit units for high voltage power distribution boards  
  • integrated systems for control, protection, signal   ling and interlocking developed on the basis of    advanced SIPROTEC devices 
  • research facilities for complete measurements,  as-built tests and shakedown tests  
  • qualified and experienced engineers guarantee completion of a project from design to assembly and start-up anywhere in the world 

We use only auxiliary materials from renowned companies such as:

  • Phoenix Contact
  • Weidmuller 
  • Partex

Depending on requirements and equipment standards concerning control cabinets, we can use any commercially available components. We adapt to individual needs providing professional assistance in selection of electrical equipment. We can also assemble a cabinet from your components. Last but not least, all cabinets we produce will sure meet your requirements and you will be delivered a reliable, safe and beautifully executed switchgear based on ZPAS or Rittal cabinets. 

High Voltage solutions

We provide secondary circuit cabinets for high-voltage switching stations equipped with advanced protection devices Siemens SIPROTEC and first class control equipment. SIPROTEC protections for lines, motors and generators are an integrated solution combining control, protection and communication functions. 

We also manufacture control and signal cabinets for industry to be used for single applications, as well as entire processing lines and comprehensive equipment for industrial facilities, including assembly on site and equipment commissioning. 

Finally, we provide technologically-advanced solutions for control, protection and signalisation systems constructed based on the state-of-the-art control and protection equipment. 

Inspection and testing

All our products are inspected and tested by qualified personnel and design documentation is always fully up to date. All the cabinets come with a complete as-built documentation. 

We also provide all required electrical measurements and required certificates in accordance with the CE standards.

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Engineering and digitalisation

We provide engineering services for LV equipment as well as designs of protections, controls and automation for HV switchgears.

Servitisation of manufacturing

We are determined to support your end-to-end journey with our products. Therefore, we offer full servitisation of manufacturing.


We define automation as an enhancement to creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and delivery of products and services.

We are a specialist engineering and manufacturing company offering a complete value chain from design, through implementation, up to after-sales services. 

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